Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lately all of my thoughts have fallen into prose or lyric form. I'm dreaming my poetry and filling waking hours by filling notebooks. Everything I see or feel is instantly transcribed across my brain into wordswordswords for sharing here, or elsewhere. I've been told by a sudden chorus of unusual suspects (plus a few more predictable sources) that I should be writing, writing more, writing bigger. And yet I haven't touched this space in almost a year. It's obvious, I suppose. A defense. Writing has always been a dabble or sometimes a drip, but right now it's all I want to be doing. The only thing that makes much sense, or seems to help. I've never put my most personal material here (for everyone's benefit) but I've become increasingly wary of sharing anything at all. So, naturally, I'm now determined to shift gears entirely, and start using this space to break out of the comfort zone of coffee-stained moleskin journals. I've set up a series of drafts to work on and post, with the intention of getting past the blog-fright while capturing the truly bizarre year this has been. Here goes.

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